Doctor Kirchner

Natural Weed Killer

About Us

We invented Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer to provide a safe alternative to harmful herbicides for those that want to kill the weeds and still care for the environment and the health of those around them.  Contractors use it because it kills weeds fast and requires no license so any employee can spray weeds without the health concerns of glyphosate.  This product  is a safe pre-mixed, non-selective  vinegar and ocean water based solution that is sold in  1, 2.5, & 5-gallon reusable jugs.  Doctor Kirchner requires no mixing, quickly kills the weed down to the roots and eliminates the concerns of educated  homeowners about using harmful pesticides.  

We sold our landscaping company in 2014 due to the health issues that arose from spraying harsh chemicals. Many months of research and development lead us to creating our Natural Weed Killer and perfecting it by 2015.
After starting our new company in 2015, overwhelming local support lead us to start selling nationwide on Amazon.  Our family business is still run out of our garage and we continue to sell locally.  As we continue to grow our small business, customer service remains as our top priority.  If you have any issues, questions or concerns with our product, please feel free to contact us.  (772) 321-4212