Doctor Kirchner

Natural Weed Killer


 Q. When can I expect to see results?

A. Most weeds will be killed overnight.


Q. How do I mix it for my sprayer?

A. No mixing, the product is pre-mixed and ready to spray.


Q. Where can I purchase this Natural Weed Killer?

A. Available at select retailers and we deliver locally. Call or text us for more info. 

Q. Can it be sprayed on the weeds growing in my grass?

A. No, this product is a contact, non-selective weed killer. 


Q. Can it be sprayed around fruits and vegetables?

A. Yes, use care not to spray your desired plants.


Q. Does it kill grass? 

A. Yes  it is an excellent choice for areas of lawn to be converted for new plantings


Q. How much Natural Weed Killer do I need ?

A. Spray weeds to the point of wetness, Only kills weeds that are covered with solution.


Q. Does it kill all the way down to the roots?

A. Yes, weeds that are mature and older may need to be retreated.


Q. Why does it smell like vinegar?

A. The product is ocean water and vinegar based. The fragrance of vinegar dissipates when it dries.