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Problems and Solutions

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in most herbicides, not only kills weeds, it also kills many of the beneficial kinds of bacteria that are found in the guts of bees, pets and humans. These bacteria are an integral part of our body and play major roles in both physical and mental health.

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Our product comes pre-mixed in 5-gallon reusable jugs.  We trade you a full jug for your empty when you are ready for more.

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Landscape Maintenance Professionals

If you're concerned with the health of your applicators and the health of the environment, switch now to a safe herbicide alternative.  

Problems with harmful herbicides

Your health
Spraying harmful herbicides is known to cause skin conditions and hormonal imbalances.

Environmental health
Harmful herbicides are often washed into waterways after a hard rain.  This can negatively affect seagrasses, insects, fish, and many others.  

Customer health

Children and pets are easily exposed to any chemicals which are applied on the property.

Legal issues

Harmful herbicides require licensing, class time, and protective clothing for each applicator and there are heavy fines for anyone who does not comply.